This year 2008 is another significant milestone for us. Looking back on our bountiful past, we are celebrating this year by thanking our customers, who continue to be our primary focus in our different businesses.

We also believe in sharing our joy and blessings with everyone involved with the remarkable growth and success of Lucky Market Group over the last sixteen years.

This anniversary is thus another opportunity to celebrate what we have accomplished, and to toast our collective future for which we are well prepared. The year ahead is still rich with growth and promise and we look forward to sharing that with our customers as we have done since 1993.

Our family of brand subsidiaries, company divisions and departmental staff have grown steadily over the years. They have become the source of our pride and satisfaction and a big part of our success. We look forward to 2010 with larger and fresher hopes. We will hold on to our tradition of giving back to the community and standing by our to our loyal staff and customers forthe decades to come.